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Feeling Fresh as a Daisy? Say Hello to Spring!

Last Fall we decided to curate an Indigena Spring Beauty Box.  It contains new online

exclusive products and established best sellers. If there was ever a time to try our

beauty and wellness brand it is now. In your "Fresh as a Daisy" Beauty Box you will

find products hand crafted with care. The guard rails on our branding are pure and



We are proud of the commitment we made to formulate using the following guidelines:

*Wild crafted ( this means no pesticides, hand picked in the wild botanicals and

processed minimally to retain the plant's antioxidant powers.) 

*Cruelty Free certified by PETA

* No artificial color or fragrance

* No parabens - No Petrochemicals - No Fillers

Rose Petal Facial Soap 

Made with sustainable anti-oxidant rich ingredients which are Cruelty Free.

So let's take a peek at the Spring Beauty Box! Our #1 best seller in the body

category is Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub 100ml, it can be used on lips, face and

body. It is food grade and has all biodegradable ingredients, No nasties here, it is

one of the most healthy scrubs on the market. With a certified Think Dirty 0 rating ,

the best rating by Think Dirty.

Our next product spotlight  is a dynamic duo, Labrador Tea Day and Night Creams. 

Labrador Tea is a potent boreal antioxidant that fights aging, is a natural pain reliever and evens out skin tone. These products are the superstars of our brand.

Our curated box contains beautiful artwork from kids from Conception Bay South

from our Earth Day celebrations. Earth Day is intended to inspire awareness

and appreciation for the Earth's natural environment. Celebrated in more than 175

countries every year Earth Day is a way that people can get together and not only

celebrate our planet but ensure that we protect it.These are a great way to show

your support for Earth Day, kids creativity in our province and local enterprise. 


Vitamin C Face Masque is a sudsy luxuriant grapefruit aroma cleanser that uses bake apples ( cloudberry ) to fight aging, acne and sensitivities of the skin. This 60ml size is perfect for your gym bag, vacation down South or for that trip to the cabin.

Visit us at to learn more about this hand crafted beauty box.


Our Mission at Indigena:

To make the best quality products for our customers, to share our knowledge  of nature  so people can become advocates for a safer more healthy plant based world. 



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