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Less is More Right Now

Self care is so much more than washing your face, going to yoga or spending

time with yourself. It is all about how you speak to yourself, the messages you

send to your brain need to be positively happy and full of love. Treating

yourself with the respect and adoring the mind, body and spirit you have.

Becoming minimalist is key to a happier life.The Scandinavians are very good

at self care..Let's take a look at how the Scandinavian countries thrive.and

apply those principles to everyday life here in Canada. I just read the most

interesting article titled: "Move Over Hygge: Why Lagom Is The

Scandinavian Lifestyle Concept We Really Need.

What is so intriguing about Swedish lifestyle? I think it is the simplicity of the culture

myself and I am drawn to the clarity of the white space in Swedish design. 

According to Forbes senior travel contributer, David Nikel, Travel Stockholm

based author and photographer Lola Akinmade Åkerström believes the Swedish

ethos of lagom is what truly defines Scandinavian lifestyle. As a foreigner living in

Sweden with experience of three very different cultures, she offers a unique

perspective on the concept in her book "Lagom: The Swedish Secret of Living


What is Lagom? According to the author:

"Lagom in its most powerful form means “optimal”. It signifies the ideal state for

each one of us where we feel the most content and happy in our lives."

"Less is more" is a powerful concept that has taken hold in people of many cultures

and backgrounds. In the article Åkerström talks about how 'lagom is a

mindset and not just a specific set of actions to follow. Lagom wants us to find our

own balance and happy spots in life where we comfortably and naturally operate

within. There isn’t a specific habit to adopt, and my lagom is not going to be your

lagom. By focusing on our needs first and addressing them as fully as we can with

the highest quality we can afford, then we are already setting the stage for

contentment in our lives. By removing clutter and excess from our lives, we’re free

to pursue our passions with intention while learning to live with less

by being mindful." 

This topic is so "now, I started writing this blog over 5 weeks ago. I was on a

mission to declutter my home and business. With COVID-19 ever-present I wanted

to share this concept with you. I know that I am using less of all my beauty ritual go

to's because my skin does not need so much nourishing repair because I am not

out everyday. It is good to not wear make up and let your skin breathe. It is also

great for the mind. You are beautiful without all the lipstick and make up and now

thankfully one of the good things coming out of this pandemic is the confidence to

go make up free and love yourself just as you are.

What are you using less of? What topics in home self care would you like us to

write about? After being an Aesthetic Instructor and an award winning Hair

Designer the biggest joy I receive still is making people feel good. Drop me a line at if I can help you with DIY beauty tips at home.

Xox, be safe and live well and of course lagom,


Chief Mermaid Indigena

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One thought on “Less is More Right Now

  1. avatar Lynn O'Keefe says:

    Absolutely Love that blog Lisa on Sweden AND love my Labrador Day & Night Creams!!!

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