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Local Love - The Craftpreneur Spotlight Series FB Giveaways

Last year we had the opportunity to attend the Canada Gift Fair and the best thing that happened there was all the Newfoundland and Labrador and Atlantic companies bonded in a big way. Indigena Skincare, Foggy Island Candles, Doodle Lovely, Elizabeth Burry Studios, The Glass Bakery, The Toymaker of Lunenburg NS, Molly White and last but not least Natalie Jewellery were so amazing to work with. We all shared a booth together funded by the entrepreneurs and ACOA and overseen by the Craft Alliance of Atlantic Canada. So when I came back to NL I wanted to come up with a plan to support our cohorts, have some fun and add awareness on a local level to show that small business owners are a vital part of the economic fabric of Atlantic Canada!

 Until December 24th we will be hosting a weekly Craftpreneur Spotlight on Indigena's FB page and doing a duo giveaway one item which we have purchased from various artisans and a gift from Indigena each week as well. So far we have featured 3 Artisans, and will be featuring 9 more in the coming weeks. I've included the 3 Artisans bios so you can get a feel for their work and hopefully you may buy something from one or all :-)

Craftpreneur Spotlight #1 September 26th. Elizabeth Burry Design 

Elizabeth was born and raised in beautiful Newfoundland & Labrador Canada Creative design & impeccable craftsmanship has been the focus of Artist Elizabeth Burry's jewelry brand since the debut of her first collection in 2003. She takes pride in carefully planning each piece, stone & setting design. Elizabeth & her artisan team craft & finish each design in her Trinity studio.

Elizabeth has been featured in many local, national & international articles, as well as the recipient of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” Award for Newfoundland and Labrador Organization of Woman Entrepreneurs (NLOWE). She also creates jewelry for a number of charity associations and enjoys giving back to her community.

Elizabeth's FB page:


Craftpreneur Spotlight #2 Deanne Kelly Foggy Island Candles

Featuring one of the most smart, creative, thoughtful and successful entrepreneurs I have had the honour to get to know over the last couple of years. Deanne Squires, Founder of Foggy Island Candles, who quietly and confidently moves forward everyday, all while single handedly raising her four children. She is funny, witty and her candles are so pretty. 
It is important to promote local business, you are helping support and grow our local economy and you make our day when we see local orders coming in online 🙂 its magic and makes us smile every time.


Deanne's FB page:



Waste Knot Want Knot Indigena Giveaway Facebook.

Craftpreneur Spotlight #3 is going on right now.

I am so happy to share this local company’s story and their beautiful recycled fishing rope mats with you!

Trent, the owner says this about his company “The name says it all. This company was founded on the principle that we should not be simply throwing away materials that can still be used.
Every year fishermen the world round find it necessary to replace gear which is no longer usable. A large portion of this gear is rope, which, while no longer useful for fishing, is still perfectly serviceable for other uses. 
Our products are designed to utilize a large amount of rope to create products that can be quickly manufactured and thus sold at a fair price - thereby keeping the maximum possible amount of rope out of the landfill. 
Each rope product is very durable and will provide our customers with a long service life. 
We are based out of Conception Bay South, Newfoundland & Labrador

Check out Trent’s FB page here ❤️

So every week we will feature another local company that we admire and want to hightlight 



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