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Maidens and Mermaids... our Summer Beauty Box has arrived!

As a little girl I was always fascinated with history, castles and clothing from historic times when maidens dressed in ornate long dresses and hairstyles were so pretty with long flowing tresses. My imagination had me walking through castles and riding horseback through fields and forests wearing those clothes and living in al fantasy world celebrating feminine strength and beauty. Then my active imagination had me dreaming of living in the sea living a mermaid life.

Daydreams sustain us no matter what we are thinking of and it is the mystical daydreams of maidens and mermaids that inspired this Summer Beauty Box.

Summer beauty rituals are different, we are so busy enjoying vacation days and travelling on weekend jaunts that our skincare routine needs to be simple but effective. So in keeping with a minimalist mindset we put together this box of beauty essentials. 10 full size products with a retail value of $215.00. 

It includes Sea Mineral Mist, our unscented aloe and seaweed spray. It is a perfect liquid moisturizer, it leaves the skin with a healthy dewy complexion. It is a great After Sun product and can be used on all ages and genders. I consider it a family go to when travelling or at the beach. It works wonders on all skin types and is a great After Shave soothing agent. 

Rose Petal Eye Creme is a perfect eye treatment to soothe and intensly moisturize all skin types. It's oil rich and hylauronic acid is worth its weight in gold. It revives, dehydrated skin on contact. It can be used as a facial cream as well. Use sparingly, a little goes a long way. A 15ml jar should last 3 to 6 months if used properly. Place in the fridge in the hottest months as the oil rich formula tends to break down in heat. It will reform if placed in the fridge, just mix gently and thoroughly. All natural products can benefit from cooler storage except serums.

Our two most popular masques Blueberry Bliss Face Masque and Sea Veggie Face Masque make for an excellent home spa treatment, especially during summer when your skin needs extra nourishment. These antioxidant rich masques calm, clear and hydrate leaving the skin with a glow refreshed look. You mix the masques like so: Add 1/3 tsp of masque with 1/3 tsp of Sea Mineral Mist (or water) and apply for 10-20 minures spritz oftern with Sea Mineral so it doesn't dry. If it drys it stops working. You can add some creamy cleanser or cream to make it a more hydrating masque.

Your skin needs extra exfoliating during summer which is which we added 3 exfoliants to this box! Blueberry Bliss Lip Scrub and 2 soaps, Bikini Babe and Sea Goddess. These soaps have Golden Sands sand from the Burin Peninsula, and botanical dried extracts. Both are body bars. 

Your skin needs more hydration in summer due to wind, sun and travel. Applying a heavier product during the evening for bedtime gives the skin a chance to rebalance and repair. Our Blueberry Bliss Face Cream is the perfect cream for summer night time use.

We cannot forget the bath! Our top seller in bath salts for 10 years straight has been Blueberry Bath Salts, that is not by chance, this body bath treatment soothes sensitivities due to its high content of fermented blueberry. It helps to restore the skin's microbiome. It is refreshing on the face too so dive into this bath and feel amazing! 

Our most favorite and new bath product is Rose Petal Bath Bomb, it is made with dried roses and leaves, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil and Wild Rose essential oil, it is natural luxury at its best. No artificial fragrance here! We formulate without parabens, pegs, SLS, never use artificial color, fragrance or needless fillers. We are a cruelty free brand certified by PETA, we believe in using nature's gifts to make the most natural bath, body and facial skincare available. If you haven't tried all these products this is a great opportunity to check us out for great value. Limited quantities available. If you have any questions you can email us at Enjoy summer, smile  and leave a little sparkle wherever you go...  

xoxo Indigena 


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