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Masculinity Redefined...

I love formulating for all skin types and that includes skin types for Men.! Men are so amazing, my Dad, brothers, cousins, uncles, friends and my better half have all influenced how I formulate skincare for men. My cousin Gerry most of all has helped me in my quest for developing effective products for men, it all started with Bayman Beard Oil. Then it was Townie Beard Balm, Rooibos Tea Cleanser, Sea Mineral Mist, Seabuckthorn Soap and now it is the Man Bomb in Iceberg, Boreal and Storm. If you are from Newfoundland and Labrador you know Storm is my absolute favourite!.

It is time for the men in my life and yours to enjoy a bath to re-discover relaxation. Real Men are so busy being men that they look after everyone else before themselves.Some guys think bathing is feminine, but it is not, Roman warriors bathed long before women made it a beauty ritual. It is a health necessity today to maintain wellness.

Selfless beautiful men need some TLC ... so here it is, bombs of relaxation. Some peope I speak with about the art of the bath totally miss the point of relaxation. You work so hard everyday and a shower just doesn't restore your energy like a bath. Shower first to feel squeaky clean then pour the bath drop a bomb in it and immerse yourself in its goodness. Your body and muscles need the relaxation of being horizontal, try it out. IT IS AHHMAZING!

It is time to celebrate masculinity, manliness, love and friendship. Father's Day is coming up soon, it was my favorite day of the year. My Dad was the most amazing


gentle soul man on the planet to me.  He nurtured me to be who I am. Who is the man in your life who is a super hero who deserves to be acknowledged and loved openly even if he pretends to be shy and not want that? 

To all the guys in my family you are the best, everyone of you have given me so many learning and loving moments I treasure. 

Life is special and men often do not get recognized for their selfless act of love, they re so quiet in their giving. The people that matter see the love and giving guys

Life is beautiful and we need to celebrate that. Live everyday like it is your last!




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