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DIY Bath Salt Gift Using a Recycled Pretty Wine Bottle

Sometimes I collect items I love and store them away until I have the time to make something special for a friend, family member or myself. Tonight I finally got to put together a second one of these pretty recycled bottles as a bath salt jar for myself. 

To do this all you need is the following:

1 Bath salts, here we used Bikini Babe Bath Crystals, it is a rose and sweet orange aromatherapy oil blend.

2 Dried botanicals, pink roses from Fergus for my birthday this year :-) so everytime I look at this in my bathroom it is going to make me feel awesome.

3 A wine bottle ... A Gérard Bertand mini bottle of Cote des Roses or any wine bottle that you like or have on hand. Considering the isolation I am presuming I am not the only one with a lots recycling on hand :-| I also juice daily so I don't feel so guilty!

4 Ribbon, a tag, hole punched, or a hand written note if it is a gift

5 Gift wrap, I used tissue paper to demo what it would look like and made it look as close to a rose shape as possible. If I was gifting this bottle I probably would use material like satin or put it in a reusable wine tote.


xox Lisa


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One thought on “DIY Bath Salt Gift Using a Recycled Pretty Wine Bottle

  1. avatar Lynn O'Keefe says:

    Fantastic Lisa and great gift idea!!!

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