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Review a Product and be Entered to WIN a $50.00 Indigena Skincare Gift Card!


Love a product, or have tried one that didn't quite work for you? We have launched a new website and we'd really love it if you helped us fill the pages with honest reviews. Let us & eveyone else know your thoughts for a chance to win a gift card! 

Simply head to the page of the product you want to review. Once on the page, you will l notice a button allowing you to leave a review on that product. LabradorTeaFaceCremeReview

Reviews left today until March 7th are eligable for the draw. 


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2 thoughts on “Review a Product and be Entered to WIN a $50.00 Indigena Skincare Gift Card!

  1. avatar Melanie white says:

    I recently bought an Indigena lip balm in scent “Smooch Bisou” that I picked up in the Sobey’s checkout in Paradise. This lip balm is so smooth and hydrating. Really enjoying it – better than Blistex, Nivea, & Eos balms I have tried.

  2. avatar Raquel says:

    I have the travel kit and have started using some of these products. So far I have used the blueberry scrub. I love the scrub! My skin feels great after I apply it with little need for moisturizer once I am done showering. For times when I do need it, I have used the sea veggie lotion. I use very little of these products and find that my skin feels so much nicer! I still need to try the other products in this kit but I love these first two so far.

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