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Sanitizers, Apples and Oranges.

In this new world of sanitation we decided to take the initiative and make a soothing aloe based sanitizer that does not have the regular ingredient list on mass produced or recent distillery produced sanitizers. 


Over 70% of the population in NL has Celtic genetically sensitive skin. We turn red if you look at us!

With that in mind always we formulate with calming ingredients from our land which are always hand foraged and gently processed  to be infused in our formulas.

For people who are sanitizing a lot everyday due to their jobs and lifestyle their skin is compromised, red, irritated, broken and burning.

Keeping your skin intact and healthy is "the new normal" for us. The new NATURAL normal that is :-)

We help with non-toxic, pure ingredient based products like ReLeaf Hand Cream, our Sea Veggie Lotion or our famous Labrador Tea Face Creams. Even our Bikini Babe Body Butter can be used on the face. There are no short cuts in producing amazingly high quality natural products at Indigena.

That is our promise to our customers and we hold that to the highest standard everyday. Our creams nourish and heal even the most sensitive skin really quickly.

So what is in our Botanical Hand Sanitizer? Why is it special? 

Isopropyl alcohol 65%, effectively reduces bacteria on the skin, it does not evaporate as quickly as a higher % of alcohol and is more effective for that reason in getting rid of the maximum amount of germs per misting.

Our non medicinal ingredients in our NHP Health Canada approved formula is the following:

Iceberg Water

Aloe Juice

Rose Water ( yes you read that correctly, pure rose water )

Plant based Glycerin

Pink Grapefruit essential oil

Lemon Essential oil 

Rose oil ( yes read that correctly )

Wild Blueberry Extract

Why did we choose these ingredients? Aloe of course is soothing but it has

immunity boosting compounds. Check out aloe's benefits here:

Iceberg water is so pure and is the same pH as your skin which is 4.5 to 5.5, not ph of regular water which is 7.

Rose water and rose oil are nutritive, anti-inflammatory, and restorative especially effective in calming sensitive skin problems. you can read more here:

Wild Blueberry Extract is a northern boreal superfruit, known for its free radical scavenging capabilities.

This powerhouse of ingredients protect, calm and soothe with daily use.

To compliment our sanitizer you can use any of our creams, exfoliants, and

hydrating aloe mists to further calm, protect and nourish your skin head to toe.

You can find a lot of cheaply made sanitizers that will kill germs, that is not who we are. We look after super sensitive skin and we wanted to make a sanitizer product that is amazingly effective in small easily carried packages that our customers would love that last a long time ( 50ml = 1 month supply with daily multiple use )

To all those who are comparing high quality sanitizers to the most cheap ones it is like comparing apples to oranges. We are the premiere healthy formula in Eastern Canada for sanitizers and so proud to be able to help all our customers stay safe and love their new little long-lasting sanitizer. Happiness for the skin you live in is our motto. Stay safe, be well and let’s make the best of everyday.



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