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What does Winnie the Pooh and Indigena have in common?

Did you know Newfoundland has some of the most potent antioxidants on the planet? We forage along 29,000 km of coastline, through the boreal forests and make the trek to Labrador to pick our partridgeberries and bakeapples ( these are not baked apples! They are also known as cloudberries). Winnie the Pooh loves them ;-) and so do Newfoundlanders and Labradorians, the Finnish and Swedes are a little obsessed with them too!  Partridgeberries are known as Lingonberry in Europe and are a higher bush fruit. Cloudberries pack a mighty antioxidant punch, 1 little fruit has the Vitamin C of an orange! Impressive right? When we researched the power of these boreal superfruit we knew we were onto something very big. As a little girl Lisa would berry pick with her aunts, parents and siblings to collect these little treasures for jams, tarts, juice and sauces. We'll have toast with our jam please!

So with such an amazing collection of wild botanicals are our feet we knew we had to use them for beauty formulas that would impress any woman or man who truly appreciates the goodness that goes into every bottle and jar of Indigena! No fillers here and certified Cruelty Free with PETA these beauties improve your skin on contact. Non toxic, made by hand with care.

What makes these ingredients so exceptional? Partridgeberries have thick skin much like cranberry, they are in the cranberry family actually. Through all our research from National Research Council and Research and Development Corporation these fruits show up as superstars. Partridgeberries do not degrade in heat, the antioxidant power of this boreal superstar actually increases with heat! We boil up those berries and make exponentially rich antioxidant extracts that we incorporate in several formulas. We also use Partridgeberry seed oil in our Partridgeberry Lip Balm and Bayman Beard Oil, if either of these products are your favorite this ingredient is the reason why.

 Cloudberries are so rich in Vitamin C that the pulp of this berry brightens skin instantly while scavenging free radicals readily upon contact! Our new to launch Vitamin C will be available in February! We are so excited to share this new collection for mature, dry and dehydrated skin


In the Vitamin C Collection we have several products that won't disappoint.

Vitamin C Foaming Exfoliating Face Wash

Vitamin C Sugar Scrub

Vitamin C Bath Soak

Vitamin C Face Masque

Our Cloudberry Serum is also off the charts with Vitamin C and brightening antioxidants to refresh and rejuvenate dehydrated winter skin. It is especially great on mature, dry, adult acne or sensitive skin.

Have any questions on either partridgeberry or cloudberry shoot us a message at 

xo Indigena 




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