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Self Care for Your Hands :-)

Caring for your skin is of utmost importance because your skin is your first line of defence against infection. Small microscopic scratches can compromise your immunity and your health. 

Here are several tips and recommendations to keep your hands healthy. First off you are possibly wondering why we believe our products are so good? 

Why Use Indigena"

Indigena's formulas do not contain petrochemical (vaseline) additives, this is a by product of the oil and gas industry and while it is a "natural" ingredient it is not healthy for you, it is carcinogenic. It is also "occlusive" it coats your skin and it cannot breathe, it clogs the pores and your skin ultimately gets drier when you stoop using it. It is a cheap ingredient that hides in hand creams under many different names like "paraffin" for example. It will not nourish your skin beneath the epidermis.

Indigena's creams are waterless, in other words the product is super concentrated, you are not paying for water here ...which is the cheapest filler on the planet for skincare and cosmetics companies to make products look larger in the packaging.

Our products are antioxidant rich using indigenous botanicals that were chosen after 4 years of research and development with scientists, biologists from Memorial University and National Research Council. It took 7 research projects to finalize the best botanical combinations that help prevent sensitive skin reactions in the skin, improve the skin's texture and and smoothness and prevent free radical damage.

 Our ReLeaf Hand Cream, Bikini Babe Body Butter, and Muscle Recovery Balm all contain our Calming and Glowing Botanical Blends to protect the integrity of your skin. Best of all these botanicals are handpicked right here and have the highest antioxidant percentage of their kind on the planet. Our berries are challenged by the climate daily and that is why they are so amazing for your health whether you eat them or topically apply them.

Lastly we do not use artificial fragrance in anything we make, we use wild crafted and organic essential oils that have been steam distilled.

We make our own distillates to make sure the purity and indigenous botanicals we use have the maximum benefit and are harvested at exactly the right time mother nature dictates. That timeline is always changing every year. That is why sometimes our products vary color, weight and texture slightly. That is when you know a product is truly natural, nature determines the variation of the harvest. 

Here is Indigena's Self Care Hand Ritual 

It only takes about 2-5 minutes to do . If you are a healthcare worker I recommend you doing this multiple times throughout the day and or evening.

1. Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds, you can use a soap like our Sea Buckthorn or even our exfoliating soap such as our Sea Goddess Soap. 

2. Use a 1/2 dime size amount of ReLeaf Hand Cream, Bikini Babe Body Butter or Muscle Recovery Balm. Place in palm of hand and place other hand over it so it melts between you hands, once melted start massaging your hands from the thumb and wrist area to the fingers (digits) taking atleast 10-15 seconds on each finger and thumb.

3 Rub hands together massaging the rest of the product into the skin. Do not wash off, keep massaging until it is absorbed. 

You can view this massage ritual demonstrated by Lisa on our Facebook Page :-)

Thanks for visiting us!

XO Lisa




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