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2020 - What We Learned.

This past year has been like no other in our lifetime. We are thankful for all our blessings and want to thank everyone who looks after all of our citizens on the front line, those who are essential workers and the kind souls who do their best to help their neighbour and the community. Those whom we have lost are in our hearts forever. To people still sick with COVID we are praying for you. 
The Black Lives Matter movement with the death of George Floyd and Breona Taylor ....the deaths of so many indigenous women is beyond heartbreaking.
Waking up society to the systemic racism and creating healing for all facing injustice is the task of every global citizen. The injustice hits me to the core of my heart so deeply, it is unfathomable what humans can do to each other. Ending racial violence, violence against women and children starts by helping in our communities whether helping your neighbour, friend of a non profit that is leading change.
This is another year for us to push ahead for change, for equality, for happiness and health for all. 
We have experienced so many new ways of living and thinking that we simply have changed both our mindset and routines... the world slowed down and many had the time to "reset", get off the treadmill of corporate madness and finally take some physical and mental rest.
We welcomed more comfort clothing and lots of nesting at home. More home decorating, cooking and spending time with who matters most to you.
On a very positive note, we want to highlight some of the changes we see and love from our view here in Topsail on the island of Newfoundland.
#1 People are enjoying nature more. We live right next to Topsail Beach since 2011, unbelievably we've had Wharf Lane beach almost entirely to ourselves 24-7. Since COVID it is so great to see people coming and going from Wharf Lane enjoying the beach and ocean that we just love! The people we pass are smiling more, are calmer and seem more content overall including us. Let's count our blessings and be more mindful that the simple things in life rooted in nature are the best.
#2 Supporting & Buying More Local Products from food to jewellery,beauty, hand crafted items and locally owned stores. People are supporting businesses  at home.
We want to highlight some local companies and people paying it forward. 
Sobeys Long Pond with Paul Heffernan and his team. This is where it all began for Indigena in grocery in the Atlantic and it is still one of our favourite stores to visit and shop. The staff are friendly, community minded and have always been one of our top selling stores thanks to the attention of staff to helping local vendors.
Coleman's, a local grocery chain in NL. We love the Newfoundland Drive (St. John's ) and The Gardens ( Corner Brook.) If you haven't shopped here you don't know what you are missing. From live music on Saturdays to the gorgeous flower shop and home baked goods it is an experience. The spacious uncluttered modern vibe of NL Drive is welcoming, uber clean and friendly. 
#3 Giving Back within the province and our communities. 
There are numerous people, musicians, companies, non profits and social enterprises with giving hearts donating to many people in need.
Charities like The Gathering Place, social enterprises like Stella's Circle, The Association of New Canadians and... want to give a big shout out to Kim and her team at "Guide For The Good." This social enterprise has been building local partnerships and supporting everything local for years.  Guide For The Good is a grassroots start up with a local vibe and a global vision.  
We were honoured to donate to Stella's Circle with our Skin Cares Campaign, with Your help we donated over $10,000 of our healing beauty products. The Buy One - Give One campaign was a good way to give back to women in our community who deserve truly natural skincare, healing beauty made right here in Topsail. From our hands to your sweet faces our customers embraced it and without you we could not have donated as much. 
#4 Minimizing consumerism. No doubt it has been a tough year on so many businesses but change was afoot on this front. People are changing, paring down their purchasing of consumable items, plastic and embracing zero waste. It was a big day for all when our province banned plastic bags in retail. 
This is our 12th year in business, in that time the world of beauty and retail has changed completely. Choosing to Shop Small Business with our company gives you better formulas, higher actives in your products, made fresh without toxic ingredients, parabens, fragrance with PETA Cruelty Free Certification.
We are always evolving, pivoting and researching to give you the best possible ingredients from nature that give you self care products that are efficacious and good for every inch of your body. Skin care does not stop at your neck! We are always excited to look after our customers head toe since 2009.
As we dive into 2021, prepare for the launch of our rebrand, hand craft right here on the island we are planning our next campaign to help others. More details will be coming soon. Have a beautiful Sunday, wishing you all the very best of health and happiness in the months ahead, stay safe and let's look after each other.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart xoxo Lisa

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