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Skin CARE is all about You, your Rituals and Lifestyle.

Do you wonder when you remember images of people with glowing, healthy, vibrant skin and wonder what treatments they receive to look so amazing?

Chances are those people have a balanced regimen and lifestyle, they workout, drink water, eat healthy for the most part and have a lifestyle they love. A one hour facial is not going to work miracles, you are going to feel amazing afterwards but if you want amazing skin everyday then you need to tweak your "Life Style". Shake things up, eat better, work out a little bit almost everyday, drinks lots of water and teas, eat more melons, good fats and eat more fruit in general. Religiously look after your skin morning and night. write up a 90 day plan, take pics every week and you will be amazed at the changes you see from Week 1 onwards. 

This photo is of my homemade Labrador Tea and Partridgeberry Lemonade, it is an easy way to stay hydrated in summer ;-) simply steep your tea and add 1/4 of a cup to 3/4 a cup of water I add the juice from partridgeberries sparingly to get this lovely pink color.

My routine, like everyone else changes with the seasons, holidays, and work travel. I always have a liquid moisturizer on hand and i love the aroma of the Land and Sea Healing Mist. If I am on work related business I keep a Sea Mineral Mist in my bag to spritz on in between meetings to look and feel refreshed. My skin dehydrates fast when I am on the road working so this keeps my skin in check and my tendency to break out is reduced as long as I stay hydrated. Especially when travelling to sunnier climates like in my family photo below with my mother, niece on a holiday in Florida.

As a consumer and beauty professional I have learned to navigate my way through the marketing and go straight to the ingredient list of my "Go-To" products. In my 20's and early 30's marketing sold me on just about everything and at that age my skin was great so I didn't expect miracles in a jar. In my 40's and now my 50's I only purchase what I love, what works and what I don't want to live without. A product still has to look appealing to me but it 100% has to work and in my world it has to be natural, plant based and cruelty free. No synthetics, parabens, artificial fragrances or added unnatural pigments. I feel my body is happier without all those added unnecessay fillers and my skin is clear, even toned and glowing. 

So get glowing! Start your own 90 day challenge and be your best for summer 2018! 

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