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Empowering others to feel their best with the Skin Cares Campaign!

Often I find that I need to go to the place that offers the ultimate peace and happiness that my soul craves - the crashing waves of the ocean, the rugged coastline, and salty air to help bring me balance, perspective, and tranquility. It is then that I do my best thinking. I reflect on my parents, my childhood, and how lucky I was to have the family I do - who taught me right from wrong and always showed me that kindness is the most important trait a person can possess. As I carry on through my life, I desire to help people improve theirs by making it healthy and happy.

Inspiration for the Future comes from the Past

As I reflect on my 30+ year journey of healing beauty for myself and for all the incredible people in my life, I am reminded of what pushed me to start Indigena. I was sick, I loved hair designing, and the social aspect of beauty. I never felt like I was working when I was at my first business, Impact Image Studio. I absolutely loved seeing happy clients walk out the door with more confidence and calm than when they walked in. Empowering others is my purpose and it fuels the flames of everything I touch.

I am not selling skincare or cosmetics. I am empowering women to feel strong, beautiful and happy. Nothing makes me happier than knowing I have helped someone else feel great.

Overcoming Tough Times

Once I realized that I was not able to continue in the salon and spa business and was told by my doctor I could not go back to work, I stayed in bed and at home for 3 months mourning my loss - totally depressed. My Mom and Dad came to town that year and stayed with me, as great parents do. I was lost, but it was Mom and Dad’s gentle guidance that got me through that tough time.

One of my clients called me in the Fall of 2002 with a job opportunity teaching Aesthetics. After being self-employed most of my life, I dolled myself up and went to teach at Academy Canada. I will always be grateful for Lisa Sheehan's influence and putting me on that beautiful path. A truly strong woman with the kindest heart.

Women Strengthen Women

I have always been surrounded by strong, independent women - my grandmother, my mom, her sisters, my cousins, my absolutely amazing friends, my sister-in-law, her sister and mother, and the list goes on and on. All of these women taught me important lessons. This is what women do … we build up other women and help them discover new avenues, new doors to open, and live their best lives.

We are all a combination of ourselves and all the traits we admire and replicate. Life is truly beautiful when we realize the proud roots of who we are. Only then can we step into the future with confidence and purpose. My purpose is to spread the kindness and love I have experienced from my female role models to as many women as possible. 

It’s Time to Make a Difference

Now is the time to help others. The strong deserving women of all ages and ethnicities in our province continue to do what they do best - loving their families and providing for them. I want to pay it forward and I am asking you to help me ... which I have rarely done in my life.

This is way bigger than one company or person. I want to share the resources I have with Indigena so we can send a message to women who may not feel as much love as they should. The long hours of working through this pandemic is taking its toll and if we can help our neighbour, friend, student, or a family member we need to step up! 

Buy One – Give One

Here is what I am proposing: Buy One - Give One!

I have created this Campaign so that we can provide truly healing beauty products to those who are so busy looking after others they have probably forgotten about themselves in the process. When you make an eligible purchase from our website, Indigena will donate one of the same products to organizations that can get these products to the women who need them most. One that is dear to my heart is Stella's Circle.

Why Stella’s Circle?

Stellas Circle

This local organization provides great services to adults who face many barriers. Whether their barriers are mental health challenges, addictions, trauma, poverty, or low literacy, Stella’s Circle strives to help folks overcome barriers to transform lives. They embrace inclusive and anti-discriminatory philosophy that recognizes and acknowledges the diversity and uniqueness of every individual. For these great initiatives, I am happy to select Stella’s Circle as the recipient of our skin care products.


We selected the following products to be included in this campaign. As a reminder, for every purchase of each of the following products, one will be donated to distribute to women across the province.

Land and Sea Healing Mist
Sea Mineral Mist
Rose Petal Eye Cream
Labrador Tea Day and Night Cream
Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub
Blueberry Bliss Lip Scrub
Sea Veggie Face Lotion

Make a Difference Today

I hold high hopes that everyone who is interested in making a difference in the local community will help by purchasing a product so we can give a product back to hard working, beautiful women who deserve some healing beauty of their own.

After this campaign has been concluded, I can’t wait to share how generous the people of our province are in their contributions!

Visit the product page to make a beautiful difference today :)




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