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Staff Reviews and Why We Love Indigenous Botanicals!

When you work behind the scenes with a beauty brand you get to know which products and ingredients are magical for your skin. Today we are featuring Grace and Chelsey, their favourite picks and go to's to keep their sweet healthy selves glowing all year long head to toe! 

 Grace has worked at Indigena for almost 6 years, she has literally grown up with the brand. She is always super sweet training new staff and has an eye on everything business related. She is currently in school full time studying Accounting at Memorial University, School of Business. We love Gracee! She was one of the first production staff we hired and is now in Admin.

Grace's favourites are: Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser, Labrador Tea Night Cream and all our lip balms.

She said "My skin is so sensitive that it gets irritated easily. Indigena has my all time favourite products, they do wonders for my skin. I use most of the brand's products throughout the seasons, but my daily routine in winter is super simple I cleanse, moisturize and protect with lip balm. Anything with Seabuckthorn and Labrador Tea in our line are jackpot ingredients for my skin." 

Let's chat with Chelsey and find out her top picks... 

"Working here creating products for our clients is very satisfying for me. The feeling of accomplishment when I tell my kids "Mommy made that" is great. Since working at Indigena my skin has never looked better. Learning about our indigenous ingredients and using them in all our formulas is our secret to success. I like the fact that the products are super quick and easy to use. As a wife and mother of two boys plus our pets Kra, a pitbull and Kal, our cat I don't want a skincare routine to be complicated or long"

Top Picks: Labrador Tea Night Cream, Vitamin C Exfoliating Wash, all our face masks and bath bombs weekly to de-stress and have some self care alone time.

Last January 2020, Chelsey joined us in production, she is definitely a fast study and is now Production Manager for all production skus! Her training in Occupational Health and Safety has improved our production plant processes and paperwork. Needless to say this journey has been amazing for Indigena and Chelsey. In that time her skin has become crystal clear and she is now the face of Indigena this year in all our ad campaigns! This speaks for itself, but we wanted to share Chelsey's favourite products to achieve clear glowing skin. 

As the formulator I was not surprised to see Vitamin C  Exfoliating Wash on both their lists, I was a little surprised their "go to" fix it all product was Labrador Tea Night Cream. Mostly because of their ages. When this product was formulated with MUN, NRC and our in house R&D team in 2014 it was made for mature skin. I LOVE that customers  and staff who want instantly beautiful skin have made this one their top pick... It works on all skin types and ages. When you look at the ingredients in this product for anti-aging they also are well known to help with sensitive and problematic skin issues. This is my go to, fix it all, can't live without it product in winter especially, I use on my face, neck and chest twice a day at a minimum.

Labrador Tea Night Cream has a trade secret anti-aging blend of indigenous botanical extracts that effectively treat the skin to healing medicinal herbs indigenous peoples have been using for centuries. Indigena Labrador tea face creams are exceptionally high in antioxidant extracts. Labrador tea is three times as potent as Vitamin C and E. This plant extract has excellent calming properties, reduces redness and can help clear acne, eczema and psoriasis. It is rich in skin repairing and anti-inflammatory ursolic acid, which aids skin in keeping its natural elasticity and promotes collagen production. 

The Vitamin C Exfoliating Cleanser has bake apple pulp ( cloudberry ), and Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil. These super fruits calm skin on contact and assist in the prevention of acne breakouts, they also are renowned for calming irritated skin. SLS free, paraben free, it is naturally scented with a hint of Pink Grapefruit aroma. Pink Grapefruit increases the anti-bacterial benefits of this product! It is a jelly texture, easy and quick to use and is gender friendly. 

What do you think? Have you tried either of these skincare products in your routine?

If you are interested in our vast province and where we forage we've included an article link here that mentioned us and highlights some of our tourism customers, enjoy the read! Here is the link:

Stay Safe and enjoy your weekend to the fullest!

XOX Lisa

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