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Step into Summer with Local Fitness Professional - Carly Gamberg

It is always interesting speaking with a woman who has chosen to live her best
life. Meet Carly Gamberg, Carly is a woman doing just that. Last month we met up
to collaborate on a video shoot for Indigena and this blog is an extension of that
We thought it would be nice to give you a glimpse of the incredible women
featured in our upcoming campaigns.

Carly tell us a little about your journey to become a health and fitness instructor?

My journey as a fitness instructor started after my husband passed away. It made
me realize that I had so much more to give and I couldn’t do that sitting behind a
desk. So 10 years ago I set out on a journey to become the best version of myself
mentally, physically and spiritually so I could help as many people as possible. I
completed several courses in fitness and nutrition and began working as a
personal trainer and nutrition coach. I have lost count of the number of clients I’ve
helped on their own journeys to becoming the healthiest versions of themselves 

We know you love hiking from your amazing Insta feed, what are some of your favourite hiking trails?

Outside of the gym, I love to hike. Honestly, my goal has been to cover every inch
of the East Coast Trail. My favourite will always be Topsail Bluff as I grew up in
Topsail and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

What advice would you give to young women trying to be more healthy? 

To all you young women out there trying to live a healthy lifestyle, my best advice i
away from Social Media. Avoid all the fad diets and false information. Eat well and
stay active, but enjoy a good meal and take time for recovery. Love yourself at
every stage of your journey.

It is so beautiful to see how much you love animals, can you share the benefits of pets for you and your family?

I have a great love for animals. I just sadly said goodbye to one of my Great
Danes last week.He brought so much joy to our home and he will be greatly
missed. Studies have shown that interactions with our pets, increase levels of our
feel good hormone, serotonin. Pets are also shown to reduce stress, anxiety and
depression as well as encourage exercise and improve our overall health.

Everyone was so challenged through COVID and still are, any tips on how to protect your energy and mental health?

Covid has brought so many challenges to our mental health. During lockdown, I ensured to remain as active as possible while the gyms were closed. 

I went outside everyday rain or shine. I also made a point to unplug from social media and get away from all the negativity. I used this time to do things we are always too busy to do, like bake bread, yoga, meditate and reconnect with family.

What are some of your favourite food snacks or meals you enjoy? 

Eating clean is atleast 80% of healthy weight maintenance but I always enjoy a cheat meal on the weekends. I usually go for nachos and cinnamon buns!! 

Where can Indigena fans find you online, at work?

I can be found on Instagram @carlygambergfitness or Facebook @carlygamberg
Much Love,
Thanks so much Carly for taking the time to share! Enjoy your summer :-)

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