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Summer Skincare Tips for Gentle Body Exfoliation and Hydration

Summer is busy, you are at the beach, outdoors adventuring, hanging our with your  best friends and family. Time is of the essence and by mid summer your skin is in need of serious TLC. Your feet, body, hands  and face all have different needs when it comes to exfoliating and maintaining a healthy glow.

Here are Lisa's tips for glowing summer skin :-)

#1 Take a bath instead of a shower and add our food grade sea salt for an ultra gentle exfoliating for the whole body. Showers are more forceful on the skin. 

Here are our salts and what they each do best: 

Sea Veggie Bath Salt is a seaweed based sea salt with Sweet Orange Essential Oil, seaweed is a detoxifying agent and help cleanse the lymphatic system. This is my personal favourite for summer. It leaves my skin silky smooth. Available at Sobeys locations in Atlantic Canada

Sea Goddess and Post Workout are also seaweed based and have seaweed bouquet, a chondus crisps seaweed that is trip coloured. If you like pretty visuals these seaweeds are an experience. The Sea Goddess is peppermint based and Post Workout is Sweet Orange based. I love both of these and both are great after a day at the beach. Mermaid inspired :-)


#2 Keeping feet pretty and smooth is challenging especially when wearing sandals and flip flops all summer. It is a good idea to get into foot soaks every other day and use a foot file to slough off dry skin. I love soaking my feet in Partridgeberry Bath Salts, it is refreshing with peppermint an wintergreen essential oils. Then I use Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, it is sugar based so if you have shaved that day there is no stinging like with salt scrubs. I mix a teaspoon of scrub with 2 pumps of Rooibos Tea Cleanser and massage into each foot until the sugar completely dissolves. After doing this use your foot file to slough off remaining dry skin. Follow with Muscle Recovery Balm or Bikini Babe Body Butter. If you have time wrap feet in moist hand towels to allow the feet to absorb more of the benefits of the balms and butters or pull on a pair of thick socks and relax for 15 minutes.

#3 Body Moisturizing is key to feeling great in summer. Our Rooibos Tea And White Tea cleansers are cream and organic aloe based. They go on smooth and do not leave any residue at all. This is my go to for summer, travel and it is so multi purpose it saves on having too many toiletries in your make up bag. I usually use these morning and night for moisture and once or twice a week I will use Bikin Babe Body Butter for intense moisture.




#4 Hands are a bigger challenge for me because I love to garden and I have a little Arthritis so use Muscle Recovery on my hands a lot. It is deeply penetrating and pain relieving. After a day in the garden I use the Blueberry Scrub too. I keep a Rooibos Tea in my purse to moisturize my hands throughout the day. It has a little handy clip to lock the pump in place so it does not spill. I also keep my cuticles in good shape using our lip balms I have on on my bedside, in the bathroom and my purse for my cuticles. I like the Blueberry one it works best on my cuticles, it is also for preventing chafing on the skin anywhere on the body.



#5 Lip care is a total must daily. So I use Partridgeberry Lip Balm it has an SPF of 6 to 8, so does Smooch but it is a lighter texture. I use our Blueberry Bliss and Bake apple scrubs on my lips and face.

For a deep moisturizing and to prevent the signs of small lines around the mouth area I use Labrador Tea Night Creme all over my face and I massage it into my lips and lip line area. 

Sounds like a lot of work but once you get a simple system going for summer skincare it takes minutes to do and your skin looks so amazing your friends will comment on how great you look. I hope you enjoy my summer skincare tips and if you have questions you can always email me at

Enjoy the sunshine!

xo Lisa



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