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Sunday Self Care sets you up for a Calm Happy Week

With all the uncertainty in the world this month we want to help you focus on self care rituals that calm. I always feel more in control when I relax and look after myself, especially when I take time to myself to do home spa rituals.

Here is my Sunday Spa ritual I am currently doing that I hope you too will find soothing and refreshing too!
I love our Seabuckthorn Soap, this little plant based glycerin soap is infused with seabuckthorn oil, one of the most calming oils for sensitive skin I recommend this time of year especially. This soap's low pH gently cleanses without stripping your microbiome it quickly purifies without drying or dehydrating the skin. It comes in a 22 g size in a resealable bag so you can pop it in your purse or travel/gym bag.

After cleansing, I exfoliate using our Blueberry Bliss Sugar Scrub, I do this in the bath and I also include my décolletage, arms, hands, now I also use it to exfoliate my scalp, which one of our clients told us she did so I tried it last week. It leaves your scalp exfoliated but not irritated. Great way to alleviate dry itchy scalp. Once the sugar scrub's sugar completely melts into the skin with gentle circular movement from both hands and fingers at the same time, you are left with silky smooth skin. The oils make the bath water slippery so be careful when exiting the tub.

This scrub is also great on the legs, feet, back and belly too.

 Then it is on to the favorite part of my bath, the face masque, I love the Vitamin C masque, it brightens my skin in just 10 minutes. When the masque is on I usually close my eyes and relax or read. Most times on a sunday I have a candle flickering in the background. 

Then it is on to a quick shower to rinse the masque off and shampoo my hair. A little bit of Brilliant Serum head to toe and I am all set to enjoy the rest of my Sunday

There are 24 hours in a day so take one for you and you alone, you deserve it! If you don't take care of yourself then you won't be able to help and care for others as effectively either. 

XO Lisa 


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