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The Benefits of Oils on Oily Combination and Sensitive Skin Types

 Did you know that the pores in your skin can average 2500 per square inch? No wonder we have skin care problems! Breakouts occur once a pore becomes anaerobic (no oxygen). Keeping pores clear is the first defense against face and body acne and skin sensitivities. Pores need to breathe just like we inhale air your skin needs oxygen too to stay clear and healthy!

 Fall and Winter can create more skin problems due to the change in humidity and the dryness of being indoors more, and water loss when cleansing (showering and bathing.)

 People generally think oils are not good for oily, combination skin or sensitive skin. The truth is oils help stabilize overproduction of oils in oily and combination skin and add much needed moisture to sensitive skin types. Sensitive skin does not produce enough natural oils to prevent immune reactions to the environment and products applied.


Here are several products that have been formulated for combatting breakouts and reducing sensitivity of the skin.

 Cloudberry Complexion Oil

Cloudberry Complexion Oil
(clearing and calming for acne prone and sensitive skin)

This body oil can be used to moisturize after bathing, as a bath oil or as a massage medium.

Made with bake apple oil, (cloudberry) cucumber, watermelon, partridgeberry, rosehip, turmeric, walnut and jojoba oil this formula soothes acne prone skin, improves hydration and reduces redness. If you are prone to body acne or redness this product was made for you!


Sunrise and sunset serumn 

Sunrise and Sunset Duo Biphasic Serums
( for age prevention )

 These skin elixirs were formulated after 4.5 years of intense research and development to specifically treat the affects of premature aging. Securely encased in glass flacons with an aluminum sleeve and cap to prevent oxidation. These morning and night treatment look like a summer sunrise and autumn sunset. Their botanical energy is released once shaken and immediately applied to the skin.

 12.5ml each

Townie Beard Balm

Townie Beard Balm

 For those discerning cultured men who appreciate grooming and detail. Made with Blueberry Seed oil, shea butter, coconut oil, northern boreal essential oils and Labrador tea oil to intensely hydrate even the most course hair. The Balm also adds weight and structure to moustaches and beards that need a product to maintain the overall design of a man’s facial hair.



Aurora Borealé Serum

 Aurora Borealé Primer Facial Serum

 This serum oil is a blend of the most precious refined facial oils available globally. The blue green colour of the serum comes from Blue Tansy, a floral oil that mimics the northern lights and boreal forest hence the name. This oil clears and calms even the most sensitive skin and is a perfect priming serum prior to make up. Suitable for all skin types.





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