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The Great Escape

The Great Escape.

Staycation destinations inspired us to curate a new beauty box for Summer 2020!!

Photo by: Mireille Caza, Hé Photographes

What’s better than exploring the beauty within our own province?

I mean, we know Newfoundland & Labrador is home to some of the most incredible views you could think of. The natural carved landscape, the icebergs, the whales – inspiration is all around us.

Inspiration at Home - The Beauty of Staycation

We so enjoy traveling the province and foraging for indigenous ingredients to create our products. Recently, I have been thinking of ways to help Newfoundlanders and Labradorians enjoy our summer at home – the ‘staycation’. Have you heard of the term? (I’m laughing here – of course you have.)

To help you truly feel the full effect of diving into what our province has to offer, we have created a Staycation Beauty Box – a collection of cruelty-free, hand crafted natural products you and your family can enjoy while on your staycation adventures  in your tent,  cabin, or trailer!

What’s in the beauty box?

Everything you need for head to toe self care in convenient travel friendly sizes! We wanted to include some of our most popular products, such as our Sea Goddess Soap – a Fogo Island Inn room amenity. This plant based glycerin hand soap and our Sea Veggie Facial Lotion are jam-packed with nutrient-rich seaweeds.

Land and Sea

I wanted to share with you a few secrets about some of the places where I draw inspiration from as I forage around my own staycation destinations. When I think of a staycation, I think of all the places I visited with my family – whether in Twillingate, Battle Harbour,  Bay de Verde, or anywhere on the Avalon, there is so much to love!

My passion is to make pure and effective products, so of course, I spend the time during my staycations looking for adaptogenic botanicals. It could be Labrador Tea, Blueberries, or Wild River Mint - there are plenty of great plants to collect to lovingly include in our product offerings.

Around the Bay

First off – Twillingate is one of my favorite places to visit. It has so much beauty to offer. Every time I visit, I create new memories with people I meet and forage the landscape for ingredients to use. My favorite spot is the Blue Barrel Cafe - the desserts are divine. 

I remember meeting Joelle Sunshine, an incredible young artist who has a talent for weaving at the Twillingate and Beyond Inc. Artisan Market. Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in Twillingate as two powerhouse founders operate the Anchor Inn, Hodge Premises and several other properties. We can’t forget  The Old Salt Box Co. where you can find Indigena products as their amenities for guests who come to visit their amazing locations. I have created so many fond relationships with people that Twillingate will always hold a place in my heart. My first visit there was over 30 years ago and it is still a magical place with its ice palaces sparkling in the sunlight as they float by. 

Photo by Sebastien on Unsplash

Labrador Love

Have you been to Labrador? I love it there SO much. My grandfather had fished in Battle Harbour and he would tell me stories about it when I was a little girl. I reached out to the Executive Director of the Battle Harbour Historic Trust in 2013 (Gudie Hutchings) and she invited me to develop amenities for this special off-the-grid hideaway and she took it much further by asking us to collaborate to create a spa! We brought the Wash House Spa to life in 2013. Since then, the new manager of BHHT,  Peter Bull,  invited me to visit and offer tours and spa retreats … needless to say I love this historic island. You can learn more at  

Many people in the Avalon know that bakeapples can be hard to forage, so Peter would graciously bring some from Labrador that I use for special occasions for desserts, jams and Indigena products. Many folks likely haven't been to Labrador, but it is well worth the trip for an authentic experience unlike anything you have ever experienced before. 

The earliest memories are the fondest

I can’t talk about my favourite places without mentioning Bay de Verde! I spent so much time growing up there and we still have our family home that I frequent year round. 

The weather can be unpredictable here, but do they ever have great pickings - 80% of my foraging is done in the area and in neighbouring communities. Bay de Verde is where I easily end up when I jump into my car and head out for a drive.

Let’s not forget about the great staycation places to visit on the Avalon 

Tors Cove is an untouched beauty and it is where Indigena filmed its first video! You can also head over to Northern Bay Sands, arguably the Florida of NL and is perfect for a day trip alone or with friends. Whitbourne is home to Frozen in Time Ltd., (formerly Rodrigues Winery) where Hilary Rodrigues taught me so much and helped to harvest blueberry seeds that I use in my scrubs - a true visionary of a man. 

While exploring close to home, keep an eye out for Labrador Tea as it is great for keeping skin clear, glowing, and healthy. The Avalon is a great place to begin your exploration and foraging journey without driving for hours. If you want to join us for an intimate foraging tour of a party of 6 or less email us at we will do our best to accommodate you :-)

Summertime is the best time for making memories

Staycation time is in full swing – and your attention to self care should be a year-round celebration. Make the best of your plans by adding our Staycation Beauty Box – created for you and your family to enjoy, and most importantly, feel confident about using something 100% natural, with locally sourced ingredients on your skin and your hair. It is Stay Home Year after all, so enjoy it – and yourselves – while we can! (insert nervous chuckles here). ;)

Get it on the go:

This is a great gift for your friends and family that want to support local and create new healthy skincare habits. This package is available online only with free shipping over $70 so please be sure to pre-order it so that you avoid disappointment!

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