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The Self Care Checklist to Rebalance and Revive

After the holidays we all need to get back to daily rituals that create joy and vibrancy for the mind and body. Virtually anything that helps build good habits this time of year is a good thing. Going for a winter walk, participating in a virtual fitness class, self massage, nightly facial cleanse rituals or taking a bath all bring you to the present moment. Taking time for yourself is the most important, positive thing you can do for maintaining mental wellness. Here is our Indigena Self Care Checklist for 2022.

  1. Go for a winter walk, taking just 20-30 minutes a day to spend outside in nature is a restorative healthy habit that reduces stress and maintains your cardiovascular health throughout winter. We love these magical winter walks a) Bowring Park in St. John’s is so pretty day or night. If you go at night the trails are twinkling with Christmas lights… its a great way to meet up with your family and friends safely outside and be inspired by nature’s beauty in the city. b) The Conception Bay South Interpretation Center is similar with beautiful lit trails with sparkling lights at night. 

  1. Treat yourself to free radical fighting face and body rituals. These products are filled to the brim with adaptogenic antioxidants like labrador tea, cloudberry, blueberry, partridgeberry, glacial clay, sweet gale and many other indigenous and globally sourced ingredients that brighten and nourish the skin. Start with our waterless organic aloe based Boreal Moon Body Wash, shampoo and conditioner to cleanse away the day. Shower first, leave the conditioner in your hair, wrap in a towel or do a simple self massage on your scalp. Run the bath and drop in a detoxifying Aurora Magical Bath Bomb or sprinkle in wild rose infused Aurora Magical Bath Salts for a decadent escape to nature in January. Apply some Aurora Serum on face, neck and decollete while in the bath and lightly massage in for 2 minutes. Rest and relax for 10 minutes, quickly rinse off with tepid water to rinse skin and hair. 

3 Moisturize Again and Again and Again… you get the point. With winter comes dry dehydrated skin on the face and body. We recommend using our Aurora Magical Exfoliant to sweep away dry skin while intensely moisturizing with antioxidant rich oils. Follow with our rich Aurora Magical Moisturizer for dewy, plump, radiant skin. Our moisturizer has humectant loving organic aloe, rich nut butter - shea butter and wild rose, geranium and lavender botanical waters infused with botanical extract of wild blueberry to strengthen the skin’s barrier function. When the facial skin is optimally moisturized your skin looks younger and you will need less foundation. Watch for our Sleeping Masque launch next month on February 11th. 

4 Break a sweat 3-5 times a week. Not only does a workout offer your body the benefit of improved metabolism, glowing skin but it also keeps your mind agile and happier. Try the free Fiton app or many of the online resources available if you are a DIY fitness enthusiast. There re so many workout trainers available in your community and online. @Goodlifefitness has a women’s only gym in Mt. Pearl that also has an infra red sauna that is amazing. As a woman in her fifties I like the all woman gym concept. If you are looking for a trainer we highly recommend @carlygambergfitness who works at @otfstjohns and Joel Prior who works at Goodlife in Mt. Pearl. Wherever you find your fitness family staying active is the main thing!

5 Invest in a large water bottle, infuse your water with fresh berries or botanicals for an extra antioxidant boost. I am in love with my Masontops bottle.

6 Take up a new hobby or go back to old hobbies that energize you and connect you to who you are and who you want to be. 

7 Get a 2022 calendar, it is so satisfying to write goals down and plan your year. Things fall into place when you have prepared yourself mentally for the day, week, and month ahead. Seeing your schedule is calming and motivating at the same time. 

Enjoy your January and the rest of 2022. We wish you all the blessings and happiness in the universe for you. 

Stay Safe & Be Kind To Yourself.



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