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Typical Day in the life of: Lisa Walsh

There is no typical day in my life, you wear so many hats being an entrepreneur.
So I'll highlight what a typical day in production is like here at Indigena.

I love waking up and cuddling my little dog Zackie; I mean, nothing could make you happier in the morning then his face.Zack

After a cuddle with Zack, I get up and hop into the shower, followed by a large black coffee. I DON'T work without coffee, just ask my staff lol. 
I sip my coffee in my big comfy armchair, and enjoy the ocean view while I plan my day. This gives me the opportunity to check my email and voicemails too.
After I've caught up, I head to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, and my go-to is my homemade Partridgeberry or Bakeapple Jam, sometimes both on Silver Hills toast. If I really want to treat myself, I'll have the jam on homemade bread. 
Then its off to work downstairs, I love the convenience of working at home.

CloudberryOilThe staff and I have a quick meeting on our production schedule, orders, and deliveries for the day, then its show time. I try to make 1-2 batches of products per day, at least three times a week. What's on the schedule changes as we get orders from our retailers & online customers. 
After a product is made, we clean up and break for a snack. One of our staff favourites is homemade juice, but I also love chocolate, it's my weakness.

Here is my favourite juice recipe if you'd like to try it at home:
1 full cucumber
2 granny smith apples
2 carrots
1 piece of ginger


After snacking, we all head back to work. Batch two of products gets made and after clean up it's packaging time. Everyone pitches in on packaging of our products, we form a little assembly line! 

Once we have got all the products made, filled, and packaged, it's finally time to fill the orders. Online orders are boxed and dropped off at our local post office, as well as our retail orders from out of province, but we deliver all local retail orders. 

After we get the orders out, we are all feeling pooped! Everyone heads home, and I head back upstairs to a wagging tail and doggie kiss! 

Xo Lisa 

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