We have built our business on these core promises to do good in the world.

1 Inclusivity from community to international staffing everyone is welcome at Indigena. Our products are formulated for all. 

2 Sustainability in everything we do, from foraging carefully to our Good Manufacturing Processes we are mindful of keeping sustainability at the forefront of everything we do.

3 Cruelty Free and Vegan Animals need our protection, support and commitment to make the world a better place for them, where they are loved, not abused or used in any unethical way. Indigena received its Cruelty Free Certification from PETA in 2017. We have always been cruelty free since the beginning, the only animal by product we use is beeswax in our lip balms from Certified Organic Canadian Bee Farms. With our new Aurora Collection we offer 100% vegan skincare, lip care and body and hair care using northern land and sea botanicals. 

4 Healing Lisa started Indigena from her need to heal herself to get well. Every ingredient chosen to be added to our brand is carefully researched before including in our formulas. As an Esthetic and Cosmetology teacher healing rituals are part of her life and Indigena's promotion of healing beauty for good. Healing rituals go beyond superficial beauty routines to enhance a person's awareness of the importance of self care, protecting our mental health by taking time to look after her/him self.

5 Happiness Having fun, delighting customers, living well and promoting the joy of fun and learning in everything we do is important. Do what makes you happy everyday is our guiding principle.

6 Giving Back Giving is in our nature, giving back to our elderly, women, men, children and animals far and wide guides us everyday to do good, be good and help others do good with our Care Campaigns.  

Who We  Are

Being part of our community, province and nation is who we are. Over the years we have participated in so many events and have connected with likeminded businesses and people Here are some of our initiatives.

INCLUSIVITY EMPLOYER Since 2012 we have partnered with The Association of New Canadians and AXIS Career Services for staffing in Science, Engineering, Business and Marketing. To date we have helped two professionals from India  and China receive their Canadian Citizenship. Over the years we have employed 8 international workers and students. The diversity this has created for our business is amazing.  Having an international work force has given us the opportunity to adopt innovative cultural,business, and manufacturing techniques to improve our business. Our staff have come from Ethiopa, India, Pakistan and China. Making friends and welcoming new immigrants to Canada is a core value of our company.

PANDEMIC PARTNER GOVERNMENT OF CANADA At the onset of the Pandemic Indigena pivoted to make sanitizer to help stop the spread of COVID 19. $5000.00 of these products were donated to seniors homes, businesses in need and individuals who reached out for assistance. We would like to thank Landell's Clinic, Professional Beauty Supplies and Regatta Dental for donating isopropyl alcohol at the onset to help us get started. Making gentle safe products to help the public and our community was and is an honour for Indigena and staff.

DRAGONFLY MOONS Empowering Indigenous Women For Stronger Communities (EIWFSC) Ally. In 2020 EIWFSC and Indigena started working together to help Indigenous women in our province live their best lives and build strong communities to support Indigenous women in NL. Supplying self care kits for their initiatives was the beginning of our relationship. Lisa helped write their new business and marketing plan to become a newly formed social enterprise. Providing mentoring for Indigenous entrepreneur Rhonda Critchleyis also something we love to do. The most beautiful learning experience as a individual and business was being invited to EIWFSC's gathering at Max Simms this summer. It was a life changing, motivating and spiritual experience for Lisa "Thank you to all the wonderful, amazing women I had the honour of spending time with at the Gathering and thank you for supporting me as a woman owned small business in NL especially through the pandemic when our regular wholesalers could not to the extent they would in normal times." 

 CHILDREN'S WISH FOUNDATION We love helping kids and the Children's Wish has been a part of our donations since 2009. 

SKIN CARES CAMPAIGN 2020 Last year we had the honour of collaborating with Stella's Circle to donate over $10,000 of our skincare and body care products. Getting self care products to women in our community through Stella's network for Christmas. For every product a customer bought in the products selected for the campaign Indigena donated a free product to Stella's cirlce of the same product.

CANCER SOCIETY We had so much fun making a Botanical Moss Christmas Tree for the Tree of Light Fundraiser in 2019 

MUN Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador. As a MUN Alumni supporting students at Memorial is very important to our Founder. We work with many departments there to help students and faculty. MUN Business School, Monte Carlo Fundraisers and Career Development Workshops are just a few of the collaborations we have with Memorial.